Best/Worst CBC Hosts
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2019-03-14 23:34:47 UTC
Michael Enwright is insufferable.
2020-01-14 13:13:03 UTC
It's interesting to compare the various on-air personalities at CBC radio
and see what a range there is in quality and competence.
For example, there are guys like Bob McDonald, of Quirks and Quarks, who is
highly articulate and intelligent. Or Michael Enright who converses easily
with a wide range of guests. Both are top quality.
And then, on one of its formerly top public affairs programs, Cross Country
Checkup, CBC allows Rex Murphy to cough and hack in our ears, and to
punctuate his questions with throat clearing. Rex is an intelligent guy, but
his on-air mannerisms hide it well. On CCC quality takes a nose dive. It
wouldn't be so bad if the guy was articulate, or could resist the temptation
to explain to us why he is asking a particular question.
I am sure there are other examples of this high quality/low quality range.
Why is it so hard for CBC to maintain quality? Is Canada that short of